The security guards: Sovereignty is in our hearts, and in our hands for progress


The security guards

Senior members of the security movement met today (Thursday) with former Justice Minister and right-wing faction chairman MK Ayelet Shaked, and discussed the issue of applying sovereignty and the need to advance the issue before entering the United States election period.

Security officials argue that missing this timing – will miss the historic opportunity to apply sovereignty over the homeland and degenerate the entire region into instability that will affect the entire Middle East in the coming years.

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Former Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked: “I met today with representatives of the security movement and discussed the historic and rare opportunity given to Israel to apply sovereignty and how close it is ever to losing it.”

“The Israeli government has a true friend in the United States and it should take advantage of the timing of the application of sovereignty even before the US elections. A courageous step by the Prime Minister is required here, which means applying sovereignty over settlement in Judea and Samaria without giving anything in return. “It’s the prime minister’s time to prove his leadership.”

Maj. Gen. Yitzhak Jerry Gershon, a member of the security movement, said: “We were pleased to meet MK Shaked today and discuss with her the promotion of the issue of the application of sovereignty.”

“What will happen between the Jordan and the sea is one of the most important and dramatic decisions of the Zionist movement in the current generation. We have no privilege and we have no time to wait for the steps and approvals of others. And beautiful one hour earlier.”

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