“The second wave only starts when three phenomena come together” – Wel.nl


We may think this is the second corona wave, but according to the European Director of the World Health Organization (WHO), Hans Kluge, it won’t really start until the fall.

In an interview with the Flemish business newspaper De Tijd, he explains that three phenomena come together in the autumn. “The seasonal flu, the reopening of schools and universities, and the typical over-mortality of the elderly due to the cold weather, with diseases such as pneumonia,” sums up Kluge. When this coincides with a new outbreak of the coronavirus, “it is not yet our birthday,” thinks the WHO director.

According to the Belgian, the first wave is not over in most countries yet. Normally, the virus explodes first, then stabilizes and the number of infections slowly decreases. The decline we have seen recently is not natural, but due to the strict lockdown measures, says Kluge. “If you remove the restrictions while the virus is still rampant, things will explode again.”


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