The second wave is in full swing: almost half a million Israelis have gone into isolation


a a A The corona virus continues to spread rapidly and interfere with the normal course of life. According to data revealed on Ynet, for the first time – 415,767,000 Israelis were required to enter solitary confinement during the month of July alone, as a result of possible exposure to Corona patients, through GSS location announcements, epidemiological investigations and personal initiative.

Interestingly, in contrast to the self-image of the average Israeli, Israelis actually act responsibly and a large number of people went into isolation (about one hundred thousand) independently of their own initiative and not through GSS identifications or epidemiological investigations.

About 246,000 people were instructed to enter solitary confinement through GSS locating notices, compared to only about 67,000 as a result of a human investigation. In isolation.

According to the report, although the Ministry of Health initially improved the service at the call center that handles the issue of locating and isolating, but last week a low level of service was reported again – a decrease in the percentage of calls answered.

The report further states that “a number of other cases have been reported in which the telephone of the person ordering the test was found instead of the patient’s telephone. Those who were notified were released from solitary confinement. “And that’s not all. Due to a malfunction in one of the hospitals in transmitting the test results, the telephone numbers of eight Israelis who were not sick at all were corrected. In other cases, incorrect telephone numbers were corrected.

Due to the high numbers of debtors in isolation, health ministry officials have previously stated that they intend to shorten the isolation period for those exposed to corona patients from two weeks to 12 or ten days as recommended by the World Health Organization, but a final decision has not yet been made. In this context, the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee is expected to extend the validity of GSS placements next week, but there may be a requirement to shorten the isolation period to only 12 days as a condition for approving the move.


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