The second authority demands clarifications from Ricklin on the statements against the LGBT


The second authority demands clarifications from media man Shimon Riklin about his remarks against the proud community and clarifies that “there is no room for this kind of discourse.” The management of Channel 20, which broadcasts Riklin’s program, was required to hold a clarification call for him and make sure that such a call would not be repeated. The authority was required to deal with Riklin’s remarks on the speech delivered by Rina Nodelman – a 9-year-old transgender woman at the Pride rally in Jerusalem.

The second authority referred to the statement “They (the leftists, A. B. L. L.) are dancing around a nine-year-old boy who has changed his gender, this crazy bunch of perverted pedophiles, and I am not allowed to talk to a Jew like Benzi Gupstein? It is not normal.” Following the statement, Itai Pinkas, a member of the Tel Aviv City Council and holder of the LGBT file, complained to the Commissioner of Public Admissibility of the Second Authority, which examined the complaint and stated that “Shimon Riklin’s remarks against the LGBT community And as general statements towards all the participants in the Pride Assembly in Jerusalem – such a discourse can not be conducted on a television channel. ” Rosen noted that the Arad notebook’s complaint, and many other inquiries filed on the subject, were found to be justified, leading to the opening of the inquiry against Channel 20.

The management of Channel 20 is required to hold a clarification call for Riklin and demand that such statements not be repeated, and at the same time, the chairman of the Second Authority Council, Yulia Shmalov Berkovich, turned to the channel and clarified that there is no place for such a discourse.

Itai Pink Arad said today that “the second authority did well, whose rulings are clear and decisive. We will wait to hear whether the management of Channel 20 will comply with the instructions it received – what clarification call will be made to Riklin, and how its renewed clarification will sound to viewers. I expect the second authority to remove sanctions from its toolbox “More serious than a reprimand, and she has many such, was and her instructions will not be fully respected.”

But Ricklin does not intend to apologize: “The publications (about his statement, p. 2, l) are fundamentally false – I did not say that the whole left is a pervert or a pedophile. Speak even now, this is a democratic country and regarding the demand for an apology – I like to eat schnitzel with French fries. ”

As for the media’s reaction to the second authority’s decision, Riklin said cynically, “I’m sure all the journalists will back me up and say I should not apologize because we are not Turkey or North Korea.”


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