The Savior: Arta’s historic achievement at Arsenal – Sport 5


Arsenal love the trophy. Mikel Arteta’s team won the English Cup tonight (Saturday) for the 14th time in its history (the most of all teams in England) thanks to a 1: 2 win over Chelsea in the final, which was held without a crowd at Wembley. Pierre Emerick Obmiang was once again the hero of the Gunners with a duo. All the numbers from the evening that officially signed the 2019/20 season in the kingdom are here in front of you:

– Mikel Arteta is the first person to win the trophy with Arsenal both as captain and manager.

– Obmiang has scored a double or more on 17 different occasions in Arsenal uniform, 5 more than any other player in the Premier League team in the same period.

– In total since Obmiang joined Arsenal in February 2018, he has scored 70 goals in all competitions, one more than Muhammad Salah.

– This is Obmiang’s fifth goal in just three appearances in the English Cup. He scored against Manchester United last season and a pair against Manchester City in the semi-finals this season.

– Obmiang is the first conqueror in the semi-finals and cup final since Ian Rosh in the 1986 Liverpool uniform.

Obmiang (31 years and 44 days) is Arsenal’s oldest scorer in the Cup final since Bob John in 1932.

– Christian Polisic (21 years and 318 days) is the youngest scorer in the cup final since Ronaldo in 2004 (19 and 106 days).

Politic is the first American conqueror in the history of the Cup final.


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