The revolt of the shops and shopping centers: “How much can you be at home? There is …


The revolt of the shops and shopping centers: After the government’s discussion of the lifting of the restrictions did not bring the desired news to the business owners, some of the stores implemented their threat today (Saturday) – and opened their gates to customers despite the ban. Sellers at the Ofer Bilu Center shopping center explained to the N12 that they were unable to stay at home, and hundreds of customers came to purchase in the complex and support the stores.

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Rehovot police officers who arrived at the compound moved from camp to store and ordered the managers and shift supervisor to close the stores. For now, police officers only warn businesses that they must close within a reasonable time or be punished according to the penalties provided by law. Right now most sellers in stores are refusing to close despite police warnings.

At one point, an argument broke out between Orly, a shift manager at Fox Home, and a police officer who came to her store. “You have to understand that it does not make sense what you do, as soon as you close a shopping complex you make people gather elsewhere – at sea, in the pool. It does not make sense,” Orly argued. “Everyone here keeps to the guidelines, a distance of 2 meters, with masks.” The policeman replied: “I have to do my job. Decide from above that the place should be closed. I have no discretion other than to enforce this matter.”

Photo: The News 12
Police officers give reports on Saturday at Bilu Junction
Cops at a store in the shopping complex spent, today | Photo: The News 12

Eyal Fishman, one of the owners of Fishman Chains, came to the Toys R Us store in the Ofer Bilu Center complex and sharply criticized the government. “I was not here when they asked to close, but I see no reason to close stores whose infection rate is the lowest,” he said. “Regardless of the fact that everyone knows that the coefficient of infection in trade is the lowest. Gyms, restaurants, the sea – everything works. Only shops close on Shabbat. Overall, this is an attempt by the ultra-Orthodox to take advantage of the situation and the prime minister’s weakness to close businesses on Shabbat.” .

Nassim Ibrahim, head of a shift at Toys R Us, said: “We opened today despite the uncertainty and despite the concerns, the truth is that we also expect the police to arrive at any moment, but we were still instructed to open. “And we hope it will be okay. How much can you be at home? You need to make a living, you need a job, customers also want to go shopping for children and spend time, especially in such an open compound.”

“Just tired of closing, there are also families to support and behind each branch there are dozens of families,” Ibrahim added. “In terms of revenue, on Saturday they are almost 4 or 5 times more than a normal day. There are relatively few people but it is still not a normal movement of Shabbat. I guess they just do not know we are opening today. If police arrive there is nothing to do, we will follow its instructions.”

Ofer Bilu Center Outlet Complex
Stores opened despite the ban. Bilu Center – Archive | Photo: Omri Amsalem

Zaki Kfir, a resident of Hasharon, explained why he came to the compound: “We came to support the local companies. The closure was completely political for the sake of Shabbat observance of the ultra-Orthodox parties. I think the police also understand that this was not the place. We follow the guidelines, are careful, and it looks good. ”

Yossi Gozlan from Ramla, who also came to the shopping center, said: “I came for a walk, we were closed at home too much. Hikers buy some clothes for the child, for the baby. I understand the stores they opened. “A tenth of what is there every week. Everyone here is wearing masks, maintaining hygiene. Everything is fine.”

Prof. Roni Gamzo Projector Corona
“Be patient.” The commissioner of the struggle in Corona Gamzo | Photo: Noam Rivkin Fenton, Flash 90

Yesterday, the national corona projector, Prof. Roni Gamzo, issued a statement in which he referred to the business decision to open their gates this weekend despite the government banning it. “In recent days, I have received many inquiries and requests regarding changes to the outline of restrictions in the economy,” he wrote. “For the most part, these requests are correct and justified. At the same time, the real desire to assist and carry out the necessary corrections and changes cannot be realized in the form of hasty and immediate decisions.”

The corona projector also wrote: “We are working out of a desire to restore and strengthen public trust and implement a new contract between the government and the citizens. The way to do this is not through a series of hasty decisions and moment-to-moment pulls.” He called on the general public to “be patient, work cooperatively and with discretion.”

The chairman of the Corona Committee, MK Yifat Shasha Bitton, addressed the Prime Minister on Tuesday with a request to lift the restrictions on trade: “There is a consensus that the commercial closure is not necessary at the weekend, please cancel it immediately. This week and allow full activity according to the guidelines and restrictions. ”

“Today there is consensus in the government to lift the trade closure over the weekend,” she added. “For reasons that are not clear, the vote in the government was postponed to Monday. Business owners who have difficulty fulfilling their day will have to incur additional heavy losses, even though closing them is not necessary or helpful. I urge the Israeli government to act immediately There are businesses that being shut down from trading, even this coming weekend, could be a fatal blow to them. We must mobilize together and save them. ”


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