The response to the balloons: The IDF attacked in the Gaza Strip


The IDF attacked before midnight (Sunday) in the Gaza Strip in response For inflatable balloons And the shelling and firing at an IDF force in the morning near Kissufim.
Response to explosive balloons: Air Force attacks Hamas underground infrastructure

IDF attacks Gaza. Archive

(Photo: Maayan Shneur)

The IDF spokesman said that “an aircraft attacked an observation post of the Hamas terrorist organization in the northern Gaza Strip. The attack was carried out in response to the blowing up of explosive balloons from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory during the day. ”

Sharif in the Barry Forest today

(Photo: Honeysuckle Schultz, Nature and Parks Authority )

Incendiary balloonsIncendiary balloons

A bundle of balloons with a grenade. The IDF is valid

Fire in Barry ForestFire in Barry Forest

Fire in Barry Forest

(Photo: Honeysuckle Schultz, Nature and Parks Authority )

In recent days, security tensions have returned to the south. In the afternoon, two fires broke out in the Bari area of ​​Eshkol Council. Firefighters arrived at the scene. During the day, several balloon blooms from the Gaza Strip were identified. In recent days, incendiary balloons inflated from Gaza have caused several fires in the envelope. Among other things, a bundle of balloons with an improvised hand grenade was found in the area of ​​Kibbutz Nir Oz in the Eshkol region.

This morning Shots were fired Towards an IDF force that was bounced to the Gaza border After gunfire was heard in the area. After the initial firing, the construction of the underground barrier on the Gaza border was stopped, and later on, arteries were blocked. There were no casualties in the incident. The IDF said that it was first reported that gunfire was heard at works on the perimeter fence in the southern Gaza Strip. Work on the fence was stopped. The fighters fired mortars to mask the area.
Meanwhile, the Lebanese newspaper al-Akhbar close to Hamas published yesterday that Hamas sent a message to Egyptian intelligence According to him, the period of calm on the Gaza border will end, due to Hamas’ sense that Israel is failing to carry out large-scale development projects that will improve the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip. It should be noted that Egyptian intelligence serves as a conduit for transmitting messages between Hamas and Israel.

The same sources who provided the details to the Lebanese newspaper estimated that tensions on the Gaza border would increase in the coming days, due to the expectation that the military arms in the Gaza Strip would respond to every offensive step taken by Israel (to prevent the balloons from continuing to fire).

These Hamas threats coincide with the end of the transfer of the monthly Qatari grant to the Gaza Strip. Hamas does not at this stage recognize any intention or initiative to resume the continued transfer of the grant. As you may recall, Qatar has vigorously extended the continued transfer of the Qatari grant for another six months, which is due to end in September.


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