The Rebbe’s Insights from the Disaster in Beirut – Black Cap News


רחובות ביירות לאחר הפיצוץ

Beirut streets after the explosionPhoto: Reuters

The Rebbe of Sanz, Rabbi Zvi Elimelech Halberstam, spoke last night to the yeshiva students ahead of the opening of the time next week.

In his speech, he referred to the disaster in Beirut and claimed that it was a “heavenly signal to Israel,” as he put it.

“Nothing happens in the world for nothing, but everything is for Israel, and even what has just happened in Lebanon is a hint to Israel that they will see what one bomb can do, and what does not happen here in the Holy Land despite the haters and enemies wanting and standing over us.”

In his remarks, he referred to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and clarified that all yeshiva students wear a mask in all study procedures throughout the day and in accordance with the instructions.

“One should admit every moment and rejoice that every guy came to the yeshiva to study and he is not in a motel he is in a Torah tent, which is the most important thing.”

He added that “one should be very careful in all the order of the yeshiva, and not cool down, God forbid, on the advice of the evil instinct.


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