The Rebbe of Belza ordered: to wear masks throughout the wedding


Listen to the recording on the line of the Alza storks (Photo: Yonatan Sindel / Flash90)

a a A First publication: Alza stork activists reached an agreement with the police this afternoon (Wednesday) on how to hold the canopy for the Rebbe’s grandson, in the shadow of the corona.

At a meeting held at the Great Beit Midrash of the Chassidut in Jerusalem, Lt. Gen. Ofer Shomer, commander of the Zion area, and Shimi Marciano, commander of the Lev HaBira station, arrived along with other officials in the Jerusalem police.

At the conclusion of the meeting, it was decided that the canopy, which of course takes place in an open space in the open air, will be attended by many followers who will stand in separate capsules.

According to the agreement, the courtyard of the beit midrash and the nearby area will be divided by means of checkpoints, with a number of followers standing in each compound – with a distance between them in accordance with the instructions.

A security guard at the exit from Belza (Photo: Haim Goldberg, Shabbat Square)


In the recording they sent to the followers, they first praise that by the grace of God they have managed to reach a conclusion on how to hold the wedding celebration, and call for wearing masks during all the joy.

Later in the recording, the Rebbe’s son, Rabbi Aharon Mordechai Rokach, the groom’s father, is heard instructing to listen to the ushers’ voice, and not to make his father sad.

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The son goes on to say that he is a teacher in the name of his father the Rebbe, to follow the instructions and not be pushed where it is forbidden.

It should be noted that unlike previous weddings of the Rebbe’s grandchildren, this time the huge tent in the Alza Hasidism did not set up a tent into which tens of thousands of happy Hasidim enter.

The wedding will take place in a more limited format, but as for the canopy status – which is being held publicly on a city street, final understandings have only just been reached.

Earlier today, we reported in Kikar Hashabbat that in Belza they had asked permission from the police to hold a demonstration at the site – but when they realized that the intention was for the canopy, the police rejected the request.


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