The ‘R’ is also under magnifying glass in neighboring countries


Now that many European countries are seeing a significant increase in the number of corona infections, there is also increasing talk of a possible ‘second wave’ of the epidemic. Therefore, in neighboring countries of the Netherlands, a close look is also taken at the reproduction number, which indicates how quickly the virus takes hold.

The reproduction number is often simply called the ‘R’ or ‘R0’. An R value of 1 means that an infected person infects one other person on average. If the ‘R’ is higher, the epidemic will increase in intensity. In the Netherlands, the reproduction number has fallen to 1.20, RIVM announced on Tuesday.

According to recent figures, the figure is also above 1 in neighboring countries. The Belgian institute Sciensano states that the reproduction number in the period 26 July to 1 August was estimated to be 1,082. Media in Germany reports on Tuesday that the R value there currently stands at about 1.09.

That reproduction number does not always give a complete picture of the situation in a country. The British government reported an R value of 0.8 to 0.9 at the end of July, but also acknowledged that, according to experts, those figures may have been too optimistic.

In France, a reproduction number of 1.3 was reported at the end of last month, but there may be large regional differences within countries. In Brittany, which is popular among tourists, the R value rose from 0.92 to 2.62 between 10 and 14 July. In the Spanish coastal city of Barcelona, ​​the ‘R’ recently rose to 3, only to drop again.

By: ANP | Photo: ANP


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