The protest worked: The Nakash brothers will pour tens of millions of shekels into Arkia


The protest worked: Arkia’s management announces that the brothers Joe Avi and Rafi Nakash, who own 70% of Arkia, will inject tens of millions of shekels into the company “even though they are not committed to it,” the statement said. It was also stated that the owners of the company undertake to sign a loan in the coming days in the amount of NIS 130 million from the lending banks Hapoalim and Discount. This is a state-guaranteed loan at a rate of 75%.

Arkia workers ‘protest / Photo: Arkia workers’ committee

The announcement comes after Arkia workers opened a labor dispute and went out in protests and demonstrations, including in front of the company’s chairman Avi Hurmero. Arkia is silent and it does not operate flights on both the international lines and the route to Eilat. The workers are tired when the vast majority of the 550 workers in Arkia are in the IDF, with no prospect of returning.

Avi Hurmero, who manages the Nakash Group’s business in Israel, said that in order to revive and reactivate Arkia, it was decided to receive the loan guaranteed by the state and to transfer additional tens of millions of shekels to the company. This is a continuation of an investment of NIS 70 million by the Nakash brothers last year.

“It is important to add that the Nakash brothers never withdrew a dividend from Arkia, even though they were entitled to it,” Hormero said. He added that “we are doing everything possible to save the company out of concern for about 550 families of dedicated workers and their families, despite the severe economic crisis that struck us due to the Corona epidemic. In the first phase, the company will resume flights on the Ben Gurion-Eilat route, and then operate Flights to “green” countries, such as Greece and Cyprus. ” In doing so, we note that these countries do not yet allow entry for Israeli citizens, a situation that is not expected to change until at least mid-August.

Aliza Blaish, Chairman of the Arkia Workers’ Committee: “We are satisfied with promises and statements made without coverage. For us, nothing has changed. “Until the money appears to have flowed into the company’s bank account and we see the first plane in the sky, we will continue to demonstrate and protest.”


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