The police also warn: strict action against visitors and operators of recreation areas


Archive photo BIC Para: Evacuation of holidaymakers at resorts and holiday homes in Para in April 2020.

Not only the police station Para, but also the Corps Police Suriname has pointed out to the public that it will take strict action against operators and visitors to recreation centers. These fall under entertainment, which the Surinamese government has determined to be closed until Monday, August 10. This as precautions against the spread of the coronavirus.

“Information has reached the police that some leisure resort operators are keeping their locations open to the public and are therefore not complying with precautions against the COVID-19 virus. The police will act against the operators of those resorts and also against visitors where necessary. The COVID-19 measures are to protect yourself and others, ”said the police in an official report.

Yesterday, District Commissioner Armand Jurel of Para had also warned that the resorts should close their gates to the public to deal with the growing COVID-19 infections. Recreation holders, plantation and village administrations are once again admonished not to be guilty of violating the precautions against COVID-19:

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