the Perseids shoot through the sky


The lover of shooting stars can prepare for a great week. The Perseids can be seen in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. One of the most famous meteor showers that cause forty (!) Shooting stars per hour. Provided the weather gods are on our side.

This year you have to set your alarm clock on the night from Wednesday to Thursday around 04:00 AM to get the best score. Around that time, 36 to 42 shooting stars per hour shoot through the sky. For those who can’t wait, they can already be seen for the next two nights and now is around four o’clock the best time. Count on about 12 to 16 shooting stars.

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What are the Perseids?

The Perseids form a very old meteor shower that shows itself every year around 12 August in the Dutch sky, among other places. writes that we have known since 1835 that this is an annual phenomenon. And every year the swarm brings a veritable rain of stars.

Obviously, they are not real stars falling from the sky. These are small pieces of stone and grit that enter the Earth’s atmosphere and evaporate due to their high speed. During that process, the air between the dust particles lights up, so that we can see a luminous stripe from the Earth’s surface.

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Again during the shooting star rain

Unfortunately, the weather this week can throw a spanner in the works. The cloudless and darker the sky, the better. So with a little cloud, the chance that you see something is less. And when the moon is shining brightly, the meteors are even less visible.

Remnants of thunderstorms are scheduled in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. So if you already see a shooting star last night, wish a crystal clear sky on the night of August 12.

Image: ANP


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