The period of home isolation will be shortened to 12 days


Corona virus – a situation in Israel and around the world

The Committee of Ministers to examine the GSS ‘assistance in reducing the spread of the corona, headed by Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen, is expected to recommend to the government to shorten the isolation period from 14 to 12 days. The Minister of Health and the Minister of Justice yesterday recommended that the government extend for another three weeks the approval for the use of GSS IDPs.

In an opinion of the Ministry of Health submitted to the committee, the number of patients for whom the GSS was asked to process technological information by the Ministry of Health from the beginning of operations in the second wave (from 1 to 29 July) stands at 40,241. While based on epidemiological (human) investigation 67,504 People who were in close contact with a patient, 246,650 people were located on the basis of the placements.

12,099 people diagnosed with verified blues were located on the basis of GSS location, compared with 11,732 located on the basis of an epidemiological investigation.

Minister Eli Cohen Photo: Amit Shaal

“Locating by the GSS has been found to be an effective and quick tool for locating patient contacts, including in many thousands of cases that would not have been located at all, or in time, without this assistance. “This tool greatly aids the national effort to cut off the chains of infection and still does not have a suitable alternative,” the Ministry of Health recommended to the committee.

However, the head of the Ministerial Committee, Minister of Intelligence Eli Cohen, recommends that the continued use of the GSS’s positioning tool be conditioned on reducing the isolation period from 14 to 12 days, which will save the economy hundreds of thousands of working days a month.

Last night, after a four-hour discussion, the Corona Cabinet decided to accept the recommendation of the projector, Prof. Roni Gamzo, and cancel the weekend restrictions and business closure. The Cabinet has accepted Gimzo’s position to avoid locksmiths for the time being, and to re-examine the possibility of using them within two weeks.

In addition, last night the Corona Cabinet authorized the Minister of Health, the Minister of Transport, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the National Security Council, in consultation with the relevant government ministries, to promote an outline for the opening of the sky on the 16th of the month. When the list changes daily.


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