The overcoming clause: The Knesset rejected the bill by a large majority


The Knesset plenum this morning (Wednesday) rejected by a large majority of 71 supporters against 5 opponents, the bill of the former Minister of Justice, Member of the Knesset Ayelet Shaked, On the overcoming clause. The ministers Bnei Gantz andGabi Ashkenazi Opposed the proposal, and Likud members were absent from it. Also, blue and white, there is Atid-TLM, Meretz, the joint list, Shas and Yisrael Beiteinu opposed the proposal. Right-wing Knesset members were the only ones to support the proposal.

Shaked presented the proposal and said: “The Likud and the ultra-Orthodox have surrendered to the left again. They have signed this disgrace, that for the first time there are 61 fingers in the Knesset plenum who support the idea, but they have decided to flee.” She added that “the dialogue I have proposed is similar to the one that has existed for 20 years under the Basic Law on Freedom of Occupation, and is of course similar to the existing model in Canada and New Zealand; but is much more moderate than the British model in terms of parliamentary power.” At the end of her remarks she said that “the overcoming clause simply returns our system to its traditional democratic foundations”.

Minister of Justice Avi Nissenkorn He replied: “I do not understand why the right is working so hard to harm the rule of law. We are in a situation where the attacks on the courts, the prosecutor’s office and the rule of law system are coming from all directions.” He added: “I actually expected you to come to the right, and the members of the Mishkan would come, and say that thanks to democracy we want weak and not strong systems of the rule of law. You work all day to weaken them. What is behind it? Unlimited power for government? Is that what you want? “.

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Following his remarks, Nissenkorn addressed the Knesset member Naftali Bennett He said: “Naftali, how do you let your party deal with the weakening of the rule of law. Where are you Naftali? I believe there are statements on the side and reality on the side. The most important thing for you now is to harm the court and democracy.” At the end of his speech he said that “I do not understand how you are not ashamed. How in this period are you trying to divide. Is that what interests the citizens?”.

Member of Knesset Bezalel Smutrich He replied to Nissenkorn: “The tail rattles on the dog, the prime minister pretends that Netanyahu has fled. Minister of Higher Education Elkin has fled. The Speaker of the Knesset has fled. “A government of fugitives A government that escapes responsibility from its commitment to its voters, is fleeing from the truth and making no decision from the Knesset and the public.” He said it was time for the public to run away from it.

Bezalel Smutrich (Photo: Yonatan Zindel, Flash 90)

Earlier today, Coalition Chairman MK Mickey glows Referring to the debate, he said: “I am sorry to announce that my position was not accepted. The Likud will not vote in favor of the overcoming clause but will be absent from the vote. After inquiries and tests, it was clear that voting for the law It is real to try and stabilize the coalition and prevent elections, it was decided to be absent. ”

Zohar last week called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to support the proposal, claiming that “we must not go against our voters,” but the coalition parties intend to drop the proposal and the Likud even called it an “attempt to troll.”

As will be recalled, according to the proposal, the Knesset will be able to re-approve a law that was rejected by the High Court by a majority of at least 61 MKs. The bill also states that the High Court can invalidate Knesset legislation only by a two-thirds majority of at least 11 judges.


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