The Olympic Committee is holding a discussion on the protection of athletes


The Professional Committee of the Israel Olympic Committee, chaired by the management company Yael Arad, held an in-depth discussion today (Sunday) on the protection of the athletes of the Israeli national team and athletes, with the aim of: And in athletes including physical abuse, humiliation, humiliation and sexual harassment – things that can happen in a seemingly protected environment and in relationships between coaches and athletes that are fundamentally special relationships of authority and reverence, at much more significant age gaps than the usual civilian labor market.

Two shocking suicides have recently been revealed of young athletes ending their lives: one, a South Korean triathlete who was continually abused by her coach, and the other, skating on ice from Russia who was forced to retire after being diagnosed with epilepsy and apparently ending her life unable to contain loss The sporting career, which was the center of her life for her.

The discussion, led by Yael Arad, was attended by Gili Lustig, Director General of the Israel Olympic Committee, Susie Yogev, Chair of the Gender Equality Committee and VP of the Israel Olympic Committee, Vered Buskila, Danny Oren, Director of the Achievement Sports Unit, and Sahar Aloni, Medical Director, , Maayan Davidovich and Anastasia Glushkov, the director of the mental project Ohad Maoz, representatives of the project after the day, Limor Mizrahi and Limor Gazit and members of the professional committee, including the chairman of the swimming association, Simon Davidson, Vico Hadad, Michael Klein and Naor Galili.

The aims of the discussion as presented by Arad are to examine the ways in which awareness will first and foremost be increased among coaching staff, athletes and parents of “do’s and don’ts” in the world of sports alongside strengthening professional guidance and enrichment among coaches and coaches. Increase the process of oversight of the Israel Olympic Committee and the Achievement Sports Unit in cooperation with the sports associations, on what is happening on the ground; Examine how athletes can be produced to have easy access to share, complain and report to relevant parties if they are exposed to such conflicts with any of their team members; Produce a suitable platform for assistance and a listening ear in the event of such situations.

Yael Arad, Chairman of the Professional Committee of the Israel Olympic Committee, said: “The hard evidence emerging from recent cases in the world as a result of the special authority and trust relationship between athletes and coaches and significant age differences, requires us to carefully examine whether we do our best to ensure such cases do not occur. Here in Israel, too. It is our duty to educate and enrich the athletes about their rights, to strengthen the professional teams and to make sure that alongside the important pursuit of achievements we take care to maintain the protection of our athletes and show zero tolerance for abuse of any kind and sex. Athletes in many ways are material in the hands of the creator and we must assimilate the moral ethics throughout the entire chain of management and achievement coaching in Israel. ”

At the conclusion of the discussion, it was determined that a working group will be established, which will prepare a regulated work plan that will increase awareness of the issue among the female athletes and the professional teams that accompany them and will recommend how to act on protected sports and sexual harassment.


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