The number of corona patients in hospitals continues to rise


At present, 118 corona patients are being treated in Dutch hospitals. This is the highest number in recent weeks, reports the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution on Wednesday.

Most patients come from the regions of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. These are also the areas where most new infections are diagnosed. In the past day, 142 new cases were added in Rotterdam, Amsterdam had 67 positive tests.

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Printer in intensive care

Thirty corona patients are now in intensive care. This is the highest number since late June. Last Thursday, fourteen people with corona were in intensive care. “Based on the number of new infections, we expect a further increase in the next two weeks,” says chairman Ernst Kuipers of the Landelijk Netwerk Acute Zorg.

The hospitals also contain 584 people who receive intensive care and have other conditions. Patients who have had an accident or who have, for example, serious heart complaints or cancer. This means that a total of 614 people are treated in intensive care. For the first time since July 25, this number exceeds 600.

Many beds unused

Hospitals are not yet in trouble because of the increase. There are 116 hospital locations in the Netherlands, which means that there is now an average of one patient with corona per hospital. A total of 1,150 beds are available in intensive care. About 500 beds are currently not in use.



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