The next pulse of the grants: The money for pension recipients will be deposited …


Prime Minister Netanyahu responded today at a meeting with Finance Minister Israel Katz and National Insurance Director General Meir Spiegler to transfer the grants. “Today is a day in a row. As we promised, another forty thousand businesses received another pulse of help today and also 99.57% of Israeli children, who are three million children in 1,250,000 families,” he said. “We promised and kept bringing the grants to children, families and businesses quickly. There will be more programs. This is big news.”

The Minister of Finance also referred to the grants distributed. “We promised that this time it would happen quickly, and today the money for three million children went into the bank account,” he said. “Over forty thousand small self-employed people today received the money in their bank account. It will go on and on – Social Security will pass on to more and more parents, adults, benefit recipients, discharged soldiers and to everyone we have decided all the money and double benefits.”

“At the same time,” Katz added, “all the businesses, all the self-employed, all the employees we promised to meet the criteria – will receive unemployment benefits for a year, will receive grants – wage grants and business grants – for a year, and the businesses themselves will receive the assistance.”

The grants for parents of children under the age of 18 were transferred

Social Security CEO Meir Spiegler also addressed the issue: “The funds were transferred to the banks this morning and, this morning, in terms of the identity of the money. We do everything we can to ensure that the grants go to the accounts of all those eligible by the end of this week, at most – the beginning of next week. “There will be no one who does not receive the grant he deserves.”

The grant for parents of children under the age of 18 was handed over this morning

Social Security began this morning with the transfer of the grant to every citizen: parents of children under the age of 18 have already received the grant for them into bank accounts. Parents are entitled to NIS 500 for each child up to the fourth child, and NIS 300 for each additional child. The money this morning is transferred only for the children – later parents and singles will also receive the personal grant for them, in the amount of 750 shekels per person.

The grants were transferred to the accounts to which the child allowances are paid. Children who were born during the month of July and have not yet received an allowance are also eligible for the grant. The grant is given for almost three million children, for a total of NIS 1,450,000,000.

The grant money is transferred. Prime Minister Netanyahu and Finance Minister Katz | Photo: Hillel Meir / TPS

The distribution of the grants to senior citizens over the age of 18 will continue, as stated, in the coming days. According to Social Security, Every day, another million payments will be made until the end of all payments. Soldiers discharged in their first year of citizenship will receive an additional NIS 500 along with the regular grant.

This will make sure that your bank account information is up to date

You can make sure on the Social Security website that the bank account information is available for payment – and you can even update such information if necessary. Those who do not have a bank account will later be able to cash the grant in cash at one of the Post Bank branches.

Social Security today opened up the possibility of updating bank accounts for those who have not received benefits in the past year (those who have received benefits in the past year are not required to update their bank account details).

In addition, the National Insurance Institute has established a dedicated hotline for updating and its number is * 8321, as well as a dedicated digital hotline numbered 02-5393733. The largest age group that Social Security is trying to locate for the purpose of crossing bank accounts are ages 18-21.
“The National Insurance Institute continues to work around the clock to deliver the grants to all Israeli citizens within a few days,” said National Insurance Director General Meir Spiegler. To update the bank accounts, we have created important developments in accordance with the parameters set by law, and we are constantly continuing to cross-reference data for the transfer of grants and sending updates via text messages to residents. ”


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