The new Audi A3 Sportback in Israel


Udi begins marketing the new generation of the A3 in Sportback products in Israel with the 1.5-liter engine and 150 hp. The fourth generation is technological, large, well-equipped and more expensive than the outgoing generation.

In the video: the new Audi A3 Sportback (manufacturer)
Champion Motors, Audi’s importers to Israel, has announced the start of marketing the fourth generation A3 Sportback.
The Sportback is the configuration that lies between the hatchback and the station wagon and during Audi’s ‘mature’ the A3 is in the place of the hatchback configuration. In front of her in the competition for the pockets of consumers she will meet the BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class.

The new A3 Sportback is 3 cm longer than the outgoing generation, with 434 cm from end to end, the width is 182 cm (an addition of 3 cm as well). It loses 4 cm in height to 139 cm and also the wheelbase is shortened from 264 cm to 262 cm. The trunk volume is 380 liters identical to that of the outgoing generation.

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The Sportback, between the station wagon and the hatchback, is the only 5-door configuration in this generation

The paddle is currently in charge of the 1.5-liter turbocharged, 4-cylinder engine of the Volkswagen Group. The power is 150 hp at 5,000 rpm and the torque is 25.5 kg at 1,500 rpm. The car is equipped with a light hybrid system, one that is not designed for propulsion but supports gliding at 55 to 160 km / h with the engine off and to extend the time periods in which the car can stand with a stopped engine and still support the operation of various vehicle systems. Dual-clutch transmission.

With 8.4 seconds per 100 km / h, the new A3 subtracts two tenths of the outgoing generation if you are terribly lacking. The top speed is 224 km / h (220 in the outgoing generation).

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Is it just me or is there really no connection between the display in the navigation system and the landscape?

In the cabin, the A3 Sportback gets a modest entry-level equipment list except for a heat-insulated windshield, the multimedia screen is 10.1 inches and the digital dashboard is 10.25 inches, not much more than what an acceptable compact family offers. Advanced safety systems include lane departure correction, distance maintenance warning, automatic braking and parking sensors.

The S-line finish level adds a sporty interior and exterior equipment package such as 17-inch rims (16-inch in the standard finish level) on 225 45-inch tires. Illuminated S-line door sills, leather-upholstered sports seats and more.

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Standard finish level and S-line in a sporty performance

The Sharp package adds a panoramic sunroof, split climate control and adaptive cruise control for NIS 10,000. The Luxury package adds 17-inch rims combined with the standard trim level or 18-inch to the S-line trim level, a “dead space” vehicle alert, a smart key, a charging socket for the rear seat row and more. The price of this package is NIS 11,000.

The price of the A3 Sportback starts at NIS 198,000 for the entry-level version, while the S-line finish will cost NIS 214,000. Opposite the aforementioned A3 Sportback are competitors in the BMW 1 Series, whose entry-level version of the 118i costs NIS 199,000 with the 1.5-liter 3-cylinder engine and 140 hp. In addition, the Mercedes A-Class with the 1.33 engine 4-liter and 136 hp liters for NIS 220,000, but with a richer equipment specification than the two.


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