The MK’s daughter fainted in the field and received a surprising rescue


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Yankelevich with her daughters (Photo: Noam Ravkin Fenton / Flash 90)

Diaspora Minister Omar Inkelevich, a white brush, went on a family trip last weekend in the Gilbon River in the Golan Heights. During the route one of her daughters became dehydrated and fainted. After the conversion ended in peace she found out who the familiar character was who helped her.

The full post by Omar Yankelevich

When I entered the political world and we began to realize at home how complex, painful and sometimes really cruel it is – we decided to “sign” an unwritten contract, in which I undertook at home not to share our personal life outside. Yaron, my husband, vetoed it, saying that we would go through everything even if it was difficult, but “until the family – the family is out of bounds and playing, they do not publish it and about it…”

Although we have learned the hard way that they are sometimes involuntarily involved, I try very hard to abide by the “agreement”, and not to involve family photos and experiences, almost never.

But today it happens on purpose: I want to share an exciting experience we had yesterday, and to admit that we have in this country such quality, humane, caring and dedicated people. I am full of gratitude, and proud of the kindness we met along the way.

We went on a family trip for a walk in the north. To be honest, it is not certain that a “trip” is the definition of a family trip that sometimes seems more like a beret trip, when the minds of my family members do not rest until we are all bruised from all directions. But this time it was a little different:

During the routes, we went down to Deborah Falls on the way to Gilboa, we were moved by nature in its beauty and power, we jumped into the water, swam and were about to set off for the rest of the route.

But then my eldest daughter, Yael, complained of a slight dizziness. We suggested to the boys to continue on the route, when we get back in the car to rest.

I did not think of an option that might have dried up and that the road from the waterfall to the car would become a less pleasant experience. We started walking in the blazing sun back on the track towards the vehicle. While we were on the cliff, when Yael was by my side a little dizzy, suddenly in one moment without notice – she fainted.

I prefer to forget this moment, a feeling of helplessness. Then out of nowhere two guys came, took out water, took care of Yael (and also her mother…), she woke up and came back a little to herself.

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But then I looked up the steep slope in front of us (which even on my great day, I can barely climb it), I realized that in our situation to climb all the way up in the scorching sun is an impossible task, and call Liron who is with the boys further down the track in Gilbon in the area without this absorption .

One of the guys picked up on the situation, gently asked if it was okay for him to pick it up, this lovely guy, the angel sent to us, just picked it up and hopped up the mountain carrying it all the way up (we are so far in a family internal debate if it is considered heavy or medium weight… what Sure: it’s not easy !!!).

He may have been a sturdy guy, but it wasn’t an easy task, literally. At that moment I realized, how a person gets immense powers when he does something good, like an angel from heaven.

We got to the top. This pair of lovely guys did not leave us until Yael felt well, until we finished all the water for them (three bottles!), And until we got in the car and connected with the family.

When we thanked him wholeheartedly, he replied with real modesty: “I did nothing, sure everyone would help you and you will be safe for others.”

So as a mother who went through unpleasant moments yesterday, I thank Gd who sent us two good, human and charming angels, who first of all look and help others, with endless devotion and humanity, wholeheartedly and wholeheartedly.

Wait a minute, and there’s a punch: when Yael regained consciousness she said to the ‘angel’ who was dragging her up the mountain: “Wow… how you look like Dor Refaeli”,

Then he answers her… “Oh, it’s me”!

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