The Ministry of Health will formulate a uniform procedure for restrictions; Including on synagogues


After leading the struggle for the worshipers here at Behadrei Haredim, which was also joined by the ministers and some of the Haredi MKs, the Ministry of Health announces that next week it will present a uniform procedure for gatherings in all places, including synagogues, which will end discrimination against freedom of religion

Next week, the Ministry of Health is expected to formulate, along with the other factors, a uniform procedure that will put order in the imposition of restrictions on gatherings and compare the procedures between synagogues and other gatherings and bring an end to discrimination. This is what Behadrei Haredim learned.

The Ministry of Health announced today (Friday) that “at the beginning of the week, the ministry’s professionals headed by Prof. Hezi Levy, together with the project manager Prof. Roni Gamzo, will formulate a uniform procedure for restricting gatherings, including businesses, culture and synagogues.”

The formulation of the procedure will be at a round table led by the project manager Prof. Gamzo, which includes the relevant parties from the various government ministries. “The round table will continue to convene 3 times a week to regulate the issue of restrictions effectively and coherently,” the health ministry said.

The initial proposal is expected to be discussed as early as next Monday, when Health Minister Yuli Edelstein will present the required corona cabinet with the necessary steps, including reducing restrictions on synagogues.

The issue of discrimination against synagogues has come up on the public agenda in recent weeks, led by Behadrei Haredim, which brought the cry of worshipers, who were limited to ten worshipers in the closed area and up to 20 worshipers in the open, compared to restaurants and malls that were less restricted.

Some of the leaders of the ultra-Orthodox parties got involved but refrained from fighting the issue, so the ultra-Orthodox ministers Aryeh Deri, Yaakov Litzman and Yaakov Avitan voted against government decisions until the issue was settled, as well as last night when ministers Deri and Litzman demanded a reduction in synagogue restrictions.


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