The message is clear, and the angry optimism has swept Jerusalem


This demonstration was everything I thought would be just less intense colors. Thousands of people came to Jerusalem for a demonstration that had already become a tradition on Saturday night, thousands of people returned home in a storm in peace, minus 12 protesters arrested. Some media reported 15,000 protesters, some said there were more, some less. “But what does it matter,” explains one of the regulars in the Balfour protests, “the fact is that more and more people are coming from demonstration to demonstration.” She’s not wrong, it really does not matter.

Paris Square, commonly known as France Square, was filled to capacity. The French have previously promised to build a scale model of the Eiffel Tower in the heart of the square, which will rise high above the Rehavia neighborhood. It did not happen, and it really does not matter. The feeling in the square is that we are experiencing the greatest thing that has happened in the city of eternity, without us really having to be in the city. It is a kind of euphoria, mixed with a little apprehension of the unknown. It does not matter if it happens in Jerusalem, Caesarea, Tel Aviv or Safed. It does not matter if it happens in Paris Square, Rabin Square or Iyad Al-Halak Square (a proper name for a square in the Holy City, by the way). The feeling that emerges from the demonstration can be felt everywhere in the country.

One does not have to reach the outskirts of the Prime Minister’s Residence in Balfour to feel the angry sense of optimism. You can feel the despair that is replaced by hope from home as well. You can taste the rising heartbeat through social media. You can feel the protesters with your eyes even through the TV, you can hear with your heart the protest through the smartphones. In this sense, the presence in Paris Square is a kind of anti-climax, a kind of low-budget Hollywood film with thousands of extras and a pre-determined ending.


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