The meeting was canceled, the Likud blames Blue and White


The Likud and Blue and White are fortifying their position on the budget issue – and a fourth election campaign in a year and a half, in the midst of the Corona crisis, is becoming a realistic scenario. The cabinet meeting scheduled for tomorrow (Sunday) has been officially canceled. The Likud hung the cancellation of the meeting on a “blue and white refusal to put the economic aid program on the agenda.” On the other hand, in blue and white, they previously sent a message to the Likud, according to which they are ready to bring up the law related to GSS localities for discussion tomorrow and the approval of the addition of observers to the Corona cabinet.

The Likud explained that the government assistance program of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance to deal with the Corona crisis in the amount of NIS 8.5 billion includes assistance to at-risk populations. In a statement issued before midnight, they said that “the plan will create about 10,000 new jobs in the economy. The plan will transfer NIS 700 million to ensure food security for underprivileged families and NIS 600 million to extend the adjustment grants for those aged 67 and over until June 2021. The Likud demands a white brush not to thwart the transfer of funds to the citizens of Israel at this time of dealing with the corona crisis. ”

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In blue and white, the government is allowed to approve things related to Corona, but not other issues – and this is because the Likud is not willing to bring to approval the bylaws of government work that regulates equal relations in the government. Despite their consent, the agenda was not formulated or distributed and the meeting was finally canceled. An item that was supposed to allocate NIS 8.5 billion in favor of the “corona box” (special budget increase), is also stuck for the time being.

Finance Minister Israel Katz told Ynet this evening: “I will propose to the prime minister to bring the budget and the arrangements law for government approval in the coming days. The State of Israel cannot continue to operate without a budget.” Katz added that “if the government does not approve the state budget in the coming days, key areas of government activity will be severely affected.”

Finance Minister Israel Katz, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Bnei Gantz Photos: Dana Koppel, Olivier Fitoussi, Amit Shaal

Katz intends to recommend approval of an annual budget that has already been prepared by the staff of his office for the coming months, even though in blue and white they oppose a short budget that is contrary to coalition agreements. This will probably lead to another explosion in party relations and it is even possible that the Knesset will disperse to the elections. The deadline for budget approval is August 25th. In the Likud and in blue and white, various options regarding the budget are being explored.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met last week with two white brush services – Pnina Temano-Sheta and Omar Yankelevich for a routine meeting on labor matters, but Blue and White estimates that this is a “pulse test” for a possible defection.

Temno-Shta commented on the meeting: “On Thursday there was a meeting between me and Prime Minister Netanyahu, the meeting was professional on the preparation of the Ministry of Aliyah and Absorption during the Corona period, and ahead of the expected waves of immigration in the coming years. “I have a narrow government. The only thing that needs to be done now is to pass a budget for 2021-2020.”

Yankelevich also wanted to clarify: “No personal meeting was held between me and the prime minister and there is no need for unnecessary spins. A meeting was held in which I participated alongside professionals, the National Security Council and the Corona headquarters regarding office plans for the Corona period. Defense Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Bnei Gantz – of course updated on the meeting. “Enough with the attempts to produce a spin from professional work done in an important government ministry that is engaged in national challenges.”

The Likud estimates that Netanyahu will spend the next few days examining the possibility of forming a 61-member government without dissolving the Knesset. In blue and white, however, in the last two days, new-old pressures have been faced to pass the corruption laws that will prevent the defendant running on the Knesset list from forming a government. This is all in order to block Netanyahu from running in the upcoming elections. Blue and White did not form an opinion on this legislation.

Meretz chairman Nitzan Horowitz has already announced that he will lay down the law in the coming days and Bish Atid also announced that they will advance it if the system marches to the elections and expects a white brush to support it.


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