The mayor of Eilat is suing a corona patient for NIS 250,000 for violating isolation


Meir Yitzhak Halevi, Mayor of Eilat and Club Hotel (Wikipedia photo / hotel website)
Price of breach of isolation: The mayor of Eilat, Meir Yitzhak Halevi, announced that he is demanding NIS 250,000 from a verified corona patient who was caught violating isolation at a hotel in the city. The patient was located at the Club Hotel this weekend by the Eilat police, was removed from the city with his family and fined NIS 5,000, but the mayor did not think the punishment was deterrent enough.

In a letter sent to the patient’s citizen, Yitzhak Halevi accused the patient of irresponsible behavior: This is what Adv. Dr. Ofir Miller writes on behalf of the Mayor of Eilat and the Eilat Municipal Tourism Corporation, adding, “Against the background of the irresponsible conduct of the citizen, the Mayor of Eilat decided to sue the citizen in the amount of NIS 250,000 for damages.” “The city. The citizen is required to pay the amount of the claim within 7 days, if he chooses not to do so, a civil lawsuit will be filed against him in the appropriate courts.”

The police investigation reveals that the patient stayed in various places in the city besides the hotel pool during his vacation, including a mall and beaches. He stayed for 16 hours throughout the city of Eilat – arrived in the area at 7 pm, and was identified by one of the residents of the locality where he lives only at 11 the next morning. The same resident, who also stayed at the Club Hotel and reported to the hotel staff the presence of the verified patient. The hotel management passed the details of the incident to the police immediately upon receipt of the information.

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