The lowest price will be won: a tender for the establishment of a corona testing system at Ben Gurion Airport


Expected, Airports Authority Published tender For the establishment of a laboratory Corona BBen Gurion Airport According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. The winners of the tender, the results of which will be announced on September 1, will have to bring medical equipment and workers from abroad to maintain the Ministry of Health’s workforce. The low price.The cost of the test will be paid by the passengers.

The winner of the tender will undertake to set up the corona test system at Ben Gurion Airport up to 45 days from the moment the contract is signed and after winning it. That is, this will not happen before November in an optimistic scenario. Up to 14 hours from the moment of sampling At the Vienna Airport for illustration, results are obtained in the range of 3 to 6 hours and the test price is 190 euros.

For the passenger, the registration process and test results will be performed through a dedicated app. Passengers departing from Israel will have to visit Ben Gurion Airport twice. The area where the sampling stations will be set up in the format of a “drive-in” format will be established near Terminal 3 (the only one currently operating at Ben Gurion Airport). Departures abroad will arrive about 72 hours before the flight for sampling (PCR) in accordance with the instructions required in each country. Passengers entering Israel will be able to perform a test at Ben Gurion Airport at the Corona Laboratory and will receive an answer within 12 hours.

The tender to operate the testing system is valid for three years with an option for an additional two years. In a situation where the demand for corona testing decreases for any reason (finding a vaccine or any other means) the parties will be entitled to terminate the engagement. The tender does not set a maximum price for testing, but a competitive clause on the price to the consumer was included. It is estimated that the test will cost about $ 100 in the first phase (and in the future the price will drop to $ 20 to $ 30). The section where there is a reference to the price stipulates that it will be possible to charge the subjects a fee for a test in a fast track in which an answer will be given up to 4 hours – up to 3 times the price of the test. The tender includes the possibility of expanding to Ramon Airport and all the passages for passenger transit managed by the Airports Authority.


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