The Knesset plenum rejected the overcoming clause


The Knesset plenum rejected at noon (Wednesday) in a preliminary reading the bill to legislate the overcoming clause, which was submitted by MK Ayelet Shaked (right) and her faction members, Ofir Sofer and Matan Kahana. 71 Knesset members voted against the proposal in front of five right-wing Knesset members who supported it. Likud MKs were absent from the vote. Most representatives of Shas and Torah Judaism, who were present in the plenum, opposed the proposal.

According to the bill led by Shaked, the Knesset will be able to re-approve a law that was rejected by the High Court, by a majority of 61 Knesset members. In addition, the High Court will be able to invalidate Knesset legislation only by a two-thirds majority of at least 11 judges. It was further proposed to restrict the right of petitioners to stand before the Supreme Court only to those who are injured or related to the matter discussed in the petition.

Earlier today, coalition chairman and Likud faction chairman Miki Zohar announced that members of his faction would not support Shaked’s proposal: “I am sorry to announce that my position was not accepted,” he wrote on Twitter. “The Likud will not vote in favor of the overcoming clause, but will abstain from voting.”

Zohar added that “after inquiries and tests, it was clear that voting for the law (which also has quite a few controversies within the right) would certainly lead to elections. Out of a genuine desire to try and stabilize the coalition and prevent elections, it was decided to be absent.”

Earlier this week, Shas and Torah Judaism announced that they would not support the bill to enact the overcoming clause.

The chairman of the Torah Judaism faction, MK Yitzhak Pindros, harshly criticized Shaked after the vote: In contrast, the ultra-Orthodox delegation is really interested in passing an effective and complete overcoming clause, and for that a stable and strong coalition of 61 supporters is required. Unfortunately, there is currently no such coalition, and such an overcoming clause is doomed to fail in the plenum. Therefore, we will not give in to the antics of the opposition, especially in these days when the State of Israel needs a stable and functioning coalition. ”

In an interview with Gali Tzahal this morning, Shaked attacked the Likud and claimed that he was presenting to the Minister of Justice Avi Nissenkorn the values ​​of the right “on a platter of money.” I hoped that the 23rd Knesset would be the first time that 61 right-wing Knesset members would support it. The overcoming mechanism is a correct mechanism. “It creates a dialogue between the Knesset and the High Court, with the last word on value and political issues having to be from the Knesset. I am sorry that the Likud is completely uncooperative.”

The Minister of Environmental Protection, Zeev Elkin, criticized the right. “It is no secret that I, in principle, very much support the overcoming clause, I have talked about it quite a bit,” he told Gali Tzahal. “Bringing the bill to the vote right now is a net political prank, which will give the left victory. Shaked knows that she does not have a majority, after even the ultra-Orthodox parties announced that they would vote against. “Even if we were to vote in favor, as long as Hauser and Handel persist in refusing to vote in favor, there is no majority in the Knesset.”

“There is no difference between us and the right on this issue,” Elkin clarified. “It’s bringing an important ideological issue in advance to a loss, we are not participating in a game like this. We should not talk, we should not swear, we should not spread slogans – we should do. This measures the ability to change.”

The vote on the overcoming clause was preceded by a vote in the plenum on the proposal of the Yesh Atid-Telem faction to establish a committee of inquiry into the submarine affair. The proposal was removed from the agenda by 48 votes to 19 in favor. Blue and White chairman, Defense Minister Bnei Gantz, and members of his faction were absent from the vote, despite Blue and White’s promise in the election campaign to set up a committee on the issue. Right-wing Knesset members and some Likud members present in the plenum opposed the proposal.


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