The Knesset has set up an official committee to deal with the shocks – political news and politics


ח"כ אופיר סופר

MK Ofir SoferPhoto: Channel 7

The Knesset’s Labor, Welfare and Health Committee has for the first time established a special subcommittee on the issue of state treatment of combat casualties and post-trauma victims.

The struggle and demands of the combatants for a quick and clear recognition by the Ministry of Defense have been reflected over the years in specific committee deliberations.

However, the committee’s chairman, MK Haim Katz, decided to establish a subcommittee at the request of MK Ofir Sofer, who wanted to make sure that the issue received the full attention it deserved.

The committee will promote immediate and long-term solutions to shorten and improve the process of recognizing victims of combat shock and post-trauma, improving the personal, family and employment services provided to victims and promoting a mechanism to assist in the realization of victims’ rights.

MK Ophir Sofer sought to lead change in the field as someone who himself deals with post-traumatic influences from his military service.

“I am very excited to accept the position in the corps and trembling, a very important issue. In recent weeks following many more inquiries I was exposed more and more and discovered that the gap is even bigger than I knew. Now following the establishment of the committee I feel committed to the results.”


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