The Killers Find No Evidence For Alleged Tour Abuse | NOW


No evidence has emerged from the investigation that The Killers commissioned for abuse that allegedly took place in 2009. The woman who made the allegations, the alleged victim and the employees who were allegedly involved at the time have been spoken to, but the tape is late. BBC know that no one can confirm the stories.

A woman, who calls herself Chez Cherrie on Twitter and worked as a sound engineer for The Killers, shared in a blog last week that she had heard that a woman had been abused by other tour staff during the 2009 tour of The Killers.

In the meantime, Chez Cherrie has informed The Killers legal team that she has heard this information through-out and did not witness the abuse herself. “These allegations turned out to be completely unfounded,” the statement said on Monday.

Chez Cherrie wrote in her blog that she had heard over radio communications that a woman was “ready” in a dressing room and that men were being called on to have sex with her. These statements may have been made by an employee who was known for his sexist comments and who is no longer employed by the band.

Band starts reporting point

The woman who was allegedly abused was also discussed for the investigation. She then received passes to go backstage with a friend and says that there was no abuse or other unsafe situation.

The Killers share the statement that they still find it annoying that at the time Chez Cherrie felt that she had nowhere to put her story. “The band believes that tour staff should always be able to easily report such an incident, regardless of their status and how long they have been involved in the tour.”

Therefore, a reporting point will be set up that tour staff can engage when they feel unsafe. Chez Cherrie said in a response that she is happy that her “story has been taken seriously” and that the alleged victim has not been abused.


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