The killer incited: “Know what to do to the protesters”


a a A Yona Abrushmi, who was accused of murdering left-wing activist Peace Now Emil Grinzwig 37 years ago, caused a stir when he spoke during a News 12 interview against protesters today in Balfour.

The demonstrations at the time were directed against Prime Minister Menachem Begin, due to Israel’s defeat in Lebanon. Abrushmi, who was arrested a year later, threw a grenade at them – killing one of the protesters.

In his interrogation then he explained that the protesters are “like bacteria that need to be destroyed” – and so he thinks today: “Bacteria are bacteria, even today they are bacteria. There is no debate about it, they spread diseases, they should be kept out of society.”

“When you love a man you are willing to die for him. I loved Begin then as today they admire Netanyahu, and I love Netanyahu more than Begin. I do not go to Balfour today. There are young guys, they will go there, and they know what to do,” he added. .

The killer continued to speak out against the left-wing demonstrators with harsh words: “I hate them even today, and they hate me too. They are bad people, oppressors of Israel.”

The left-wing movement “Crimea Minister”, which organizes the demonstrations in front of the prime minister’s residence, has filed a complaint with the police against him, for serious incitement to murder.

The movement said that “the abominable killer Abrushmi has shed the blood of citizens who are holding a legitimate and non-violent protest against the government. We demand that the police stop him urgently and convey a clear message of deterrence and zero tolerance to the young people he encouraged.”

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“Abrushmi admires Netanyahu and it is clear that Netanyahu’s serious remarks came out of his throat. In a reformed country, the prime minister would immediately condemn the killer, but in Israel by 2020 incitement begins in Balfour.”

MK Moshe (Boogie) Ya’alon tweeted: The shaky (but unsurprising) incitement interview of the murderer Yona Abrushmi requires his immediate arrest! This is a clear incitement to murder. Netanyahu must shake things off, because Abrushmi relies on his incitement against the demonstrators. The anti-democratic violence raises its head, and there are those who incite it. Netanyahu, you can not say “my hand did not shed this blood.”

MK Tamar Zandberg said: “A frightening article in Ulpan Shishi traces the path of incitement and violence with chilling precision. Netanyahu accuses the protesters of spreading disease and defecation and is immediately followed by Yona Abrushmi (who murdered Emil Grinzwig in a hate crime that has not changed to this day) calling them “bacteria” and explaining that he is no longer, but the young people “know what to do”. Wake up. “

MK Yurai Lahav Herzno also responded and said: “The words of incitement by the murderer Abrushmi, according to which the demonstrators are bacteria and that his successors knew what to do with them, are a direct continuation of Netanyahu’s indecent remarks. Incitement leads to violence and murder, and it is sad that Netanyahu continues to fuel, divide and incite. Tonight I will also be with the demonstrators on the bridges all over Israel and Balfour. The demonstrators are the beautiful people of Israel, who are fighting for their country. “


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