The kids got it, the adults got it from Tuesday


The distribution of the grants to all senior citizens of Israel in the amount of NIS 750 will begin on Tuesday. This, after today the National Insurance transferred about one and a half billion shekels in grants of 500 or 300 shekels for 3 million children. The grants were transferred to the accounts to which the child allowances go.

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According to the plan approved by the Finance Committee in July, the NIS 750 will be granted to anyone over the age of 18, with NIS 500 given to each child, up to the fourth child (inclusive). From the fifth child, NIS 300 was given to each. As a result, the plan has grown from an initial amount of NIS 6 billion, to NIS 6.5 billion in the future and now to NIS 6.7 billion.

Meir Spiegler, CEO of the National Insurance Institute Photo: Omar Messinger

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the money will be transferred to about 800,000 recipients of benefits such as disability and income support benefits who are entitled to a double grant of NIS 1,500. The distribution of the money to another five million other adults will also begin on Wednesday. It is likely that the former will receive the maternity grant and are entitled to an old-age pension whose Social Security number already has their account number. Social Security treats as an updated account anyone who has received an annuity in the past year.

The National Insurance Institute still lacks about 800,000 bank account numbers, especially those aged 18-21. Those who update their account number in the coming days will receive the allowance only later, due to the need for several days to verify the bank account number. The numbers can be updated on the website or at a designated center with the numbers * 8321.

Social Security CEO Meir Spiegler said that “we are working to deliver the grant to every citizen within a few days.”


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