The judge ordered Yair Netanyahu to remove the post with details of the organizers of the left-wing demonstrations


The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court this morning (Sunday) discussed the demand of the “New Contract” association to remove a post published by Yair Netanyahu. The organization that leads the leftist demonstrations against Prime Minister Netanyahu was not happy that the prime minister’s son published the names and phone numbers of the association members who are responsible for the demonstrations and called for demonstrations under their houses as well.

During the hearing, the judge ordered Yair Netanyahu to remove the post, despite the claims of Ben Yitzhak, the prime minister’s son’s lawyer, that one of the prosecutors in the case is suspected of threatening to assassinate the prime minister and that according to the registrar This is by law.

The judge also ruled that Yair Netanyahu must “refrain from harassing the petitioners for six months.”

Yair Netanyahu responded to the judge’s decision: Tell me more about the “right to holy demonstration” in a democracy. It turns out that in our “democracy” it is forbidden to demonstrate under the house of anarchists who have called for the assassination of the prime minister. Friends, I did not laugh when I said that the next step was to set up “re-education” camps.


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