The judge hearing the application for interim measures will quickly clarify the case of Westerlo


Most legal proceedings were finally settled and there was clarity about the new season, but Westerlo threw a bomb. The Kemphanen claim a place in 1A and have gone to court in summary proceedings. A statement will follow soon.

Westerlo has gone to the summary proceedings judge with similar demands as Waasland-Beveren. “Join us in 1A, or the Pro League must pay a penalty of 5 million euros per match day without Westerlo.” That’s what it came down to.

Westerlo as 19th club in 1A

The Kempense club believes that the competition (1B) has been eroded due to the many newcomers and the promotion to 1A from OH Leuven and Beerschot. In addition, Westel believes that it is entitled to promotion because it was the club in 1B with the most points. If they had to make their stroke, they would become the 19th club in 1A.

It will soon become clear whether Westerlo will get what it wants. The judge in summary proceedings has to make a decision quickly, because on Saturday Club Brugge and Charleroi will kick off the Jupiler Pro League 2020/21. The last news expects a ruling on Thursday.


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