The joke that will cost the Jewish comedian dearly? World News


A New York court judge has allowed Roy Moore, former president of the Supreme Court in Alsace, to continue his defamation lawsuit against Jewish comedian Sasha Baron Cohen, after Moore claimed the Jewish comedian humiliated him during a staged television interview and publicly portrayed him as a pedophile.

The interview took place in 2018 as part of the program “Who is America?”. During the interview, Sasha Baron Cohen impersonated a fighter in the Israeli counter-terrorism unit called “Eran Mored” and began demonstrating a device that he claims can detect pedophiles and beeps every time he passes it to a pedophile.

To prove the effectiveness of the device, he claims, Baron Cohen moved the device several times near his body and the device did not beep. He then passed it to Roy Moore, the former senior judge, and the “pedophile detector” device beeped again and again.

Moore and his wife Kayla decided to file a $ 95 million lawsuit against Baron Cohen as early as 2018 at the age of libel and “emotional distress” inflicted on them, after they said “Baron Cohen falsely presented himself as a sex offender and pedophile.”

Moore’s defense attorney, Lair Kleiman, said after the ruling that the lawsuit could be continued because “we are pleased that the court allows the Moore case to proceed and we look forward to sitting Cohen and the other defendants. Chief Defendant Moore’s alleged defamation was malicious and contemptible “Justice. A lot of damage has been done to my customers, and it needs to be addressed and repaired.”

The prank that Baron Cohen performed on Moore came after two young 14-year-olds accused the former Alabama court president of having romantic relationships with them and even sexually assaulting them.


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