The incoming commander of the Golani Brigade: “We will prepare for any scenario and meet any task that will be assigned to us”


Today (Sunday), Colonel Barak Hiram took over as commander of the Golani Brigade. The exchange ceremony was held at the Golani Brigade’s Heritage Site, in the presence of the Commander of the Northern Command, Maj. Gen. Amir Baram, Commander of the Gaash formation, Brigadier General Dan Neumann, commanders, fighters, bereaved families, family members, and other guests.

Colonel Barak Hiram replaced Colonel Shai Kalper, who has served in this position for the past two and a half years. Last Friday, the heritage house was inaugurated for the Golani Brigade, as part of the efforts to pass on the heritage to the brigade. The Heritage House was established voluntarily, in collaboration with the brigade, the Golani Association and the brigade’s graduates.

Commander of the “Gaash” formation, Brigadier General Dan Neumann: On the Syrian border, your operational experience and spirit are evident on all fronts. You have to win.

I trust you to know how to prepare the brigade and the brigade battle team for battle in spirit and profession. As the lyrics of the song: ‘You did not come here to tread the paths of feathers, you did not come to exterminate carriages in the valleys of roses and your flesh already knows a scratch. Of the fate sandals and step on your feet. For you are the man — and another will not be; And now is the time – and there will be no other, and this is the way – through and smile. “

The outgoing commander of the Golani Brigade, Colonel Shai Kalper: “I end with a deep sense of trust in the people and the brigade. Along the way, in training and occupations, you are the fighters and commanders. The solid strength of the fighter, the class, the platoon and the company, this is the professional and operational expertise. This is the pursuit of contact and adherence to the mission until victory. What you think and mean is what you say, do not be afraid to take responsibility and if you have to say ‘I was wrong’. ‘Golani’ This is the brigade that will win the next war. “Golani” for me is a nature reserve in the IDF landscape and the essence of Israeliness. “

The incoming commander of the Golani Brigade, Colonel Barak Hiram: “The coupling of evil and great love, along with the loss and pain of the fall of a friend, commander or command, this terrible perfection together – is what makes Golani what it is. “This commitment, I take over command of the brigade. We will continue to train, forge the wind and the sword, we will prepare for every war and every scenario and we will meet every task that is assigned to us.”

IDF spokesperson


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