The IAF responded and attacked targets in the Gaza Strip


a a A The IDF is attacking in the last minutes in Gaza in response to the launching of incendiary balloons today from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory.

An IDF spokesman said that “a short time ago, an IDF fighter jet and aircraft attacked an underground Hamas terrorist organization’s infrastructure in the northern Gaza Strip.

As mentioned, the Israel Police received a report today (Thursday) that a balloon was found in the industrial area of ​​Arad to which a suspicious item is attached. Police and a police sapper arrived at the scene to carry out professional handling of the suspect’s object.

The sapper’s inspection revealed that this was an explosive device with a delay mechanism and was neutralized without any casualties.

Cargo Pizzas (Police Spokeswoman)

The police point out that, similar to previous incidents, the very invention of the delay system for activating the charge raises the need to emphasize the danger of the suspicious objects and keep the distance from them.

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