The Hit Kwis after one week: disastrous hour NPO 1


The new The Hit Kwis AVROTROS on NPO 1 has become a drama in terms of viewing figures. What is wrong?

Monday: 527,000 viewers. Tuesday: 446,000 viewers. Wednesday: 345,000 viewers. Thursday: 318,000 viewers. And Friday: 262,000 viewers (with for the first time Lingo by Jan Versteegh, simultaneously on SBS 6, with a better score). Au. Or just say: bám. NPO and AVROTROS cry about this, ponder or crawl desperately into a very quiet corner. What went wrong there? Metro sat down well.

The Hit Kwis is something new…

The Hit Kwis is offered to us at 5 PM, five nights a week, for five summer weeks. That is quite a time, that of The world moves on and last but not least. We will not make comparisons with the success number of Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, but a bit of the NPO 1 program at this hour should certainly attract 1 million interested people.

It is to be commended that AVROTROS broadcasts something new in this repetition period. And the idea – while not brilliant – isn’t bad either. Music hits councils like a lot of people and how annoying is it if you don’t get a title? In The Hit Kwis both artist and title have to be guessed by the way, it wouldn’t get much more difficult.

Enthusiastic Hit Kwis duo Romy and Kees

The music program has chosen for a presentation duo, Romy Monteiro and Kees Tol. In itself nothing wrong with that: two nice well-behaved people and popular with many people. Volendammer Tol drew a million audience this spring – also on the first net – when he and his friends Nick Schilder and Simon Keizer Homeward Bound went looking for the roots van Simon & Garfunkel.

Romy and Kees looked opposite Metro with great enthusiasm The Hit Kwis ahead.

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Viewer is baffled

Monday evening was the day. If you wanted to guess some music titles after your plate of potatoes, vegetables and a simmer steak, you might have pressed the ‘1’ of the remote control with some new curiosity. What followed: a rollercoaster of busy images, sometimes incomprehensible parts of the program (especially the sometimes unfinished final round), hysterical candidates and – as soon as there was another music (and there are many) two continuously dancing and strange looking presenters. Whoever persisted for the full forty minutes was broken. Hey.Le. And especially baffled.

Okay, Twitter is Twitter and the happiest people don’t live on that. But what happened among the twitterers was still special. With new TV programs that are completely finished – that happened – there are always quite a few objections. Metro came after two scrolling to two tweets with an ‘I like it’ content. The long stream of tweets summarized: this is the worst program ever made for NPO 1 and nothing is fun. The call on social media: deliver us from The Hit Kwis!

We Want More

The word ‘tax money’ does not often appear in the Twitter messages (normally it does). The viewer genuinely finds it shocking. Here and there they also wonder ‘whether they are watching SBS 6 sometimes’. That is unjustified, because you do not get this level from that commercial broadcaster. In fact, SBS 6 has met We Want More currently a well working and much watched music program on the tube.

Now you don’t have to go to that at all Hit Kwis to watch of course. About 17,000,000 Dutch people have also completely missed it. After One today NPO 1 loses half a million viewers and when the hysterical forty minutes have passed, around 1 million (!) viewers return. They call this ‘disastrous’ in television country.

Fun made

What really annoys every viewer is the fun made. Participants enter via a small catwalk and are obliged to behave as a total moron on their way to their place (by the way, introducing the candidates takes seven (!) Minutes). Participants do not do this by themselves. The makers have also decided that after every fragment Romy Monteiro and Kees Tol should show off dancing. This also applies to participants, who sometimes do not know what to do (or go along with it). Standing still is prohibited. “It is not fun and the viewers do not like coziness,” it should be thought.

That’s the biggest mistake. The viewer finds all that fun and excitement made terrible. How is it possible that a team of TV people apparently uses a kind of television journal that says: “No one should stand still and participants must be fun and crazy.” Quickly dump that book if it really exists. Just let those participants guess songs and ask the presenters questions. We don’t need more at home and we play The Hit Kwis please join us.

Roxeanne Hazes, known for …

Finally, the texts that Romy and Kees have to read. That’s a bit sad. They don’t think of them either, so let’s assume. “Is your screen simply red tonight? Or do you have a green day? ”Kees sees on the autocue. Well, then he reads that aloud. Or Romy then: “Roxeanne, André Hazes’ sister, became known for her participation in So You Wanna Be a Popstar. ” She really read that to people, she really did.

No, we want to hear a spontaneous Kees Tol. A Kees who yells to the participants that they can better participate in Waku Waku, when all six candidates have the number A Child’s Smile not recognized. That spontaneous splurge was fun Friday night.

Week five at 7pm on NPO 1 will The Hit Kwis probably not make it. Week three may not have started either.

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The Hit Kwis after one week: disastrous hour NPO 1


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