The Hazesjes shine in a new loving family photo


Roxeanne once again looks back on the reunion with her little brother. With the word ‘fam’ and a heart she makes it clear how grateful she is that not only can she and André pass through one door, but also how nice it is that their children André jr. And Fender can finally play together. The photo of the Hazes family clearly shows how happy they are to be able to hug each other again.

Not only mother Rachel and fans are happy that the brother and sister made up for it, they also get a lot of support from Dutch celebrities. Lieke van Lexmond: ‘This is a beautiful image. Family, cherish! ‘ Glennis Grace, Patrick Martens and Toprak Yalçiner also respond to the sweet family photo.

Last week picked up weekly newspaper Private great with the reconciliation of the Hazes scions. In conversation with RTL Boulevard, André tells more about the run-up to that big meeting.


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