The gyms and the studio are collapsing under the restrictions: “Life enterprise collapsed”


Sela notes that the continued existence of the industry is essential not only for businesses but for the general population: “We have no privilege to give up. We are committed to hundreds of thousands of customers, fitness and health consumers, in addition to people in the industry who employ about 110,000 workers.” A health survey was recently published regarding physical injury and obesity data, as a result of the sharp decline in physical activity due to the corona crisis. The survey indicates a sharp increase in obesity data, in addition to an increase in morbidity due to the halt in various fitness trainings.

Dorit Gaon, The owner of the Pilates studio and a member of the organization’s board of directors, shouts: “My life’s work, my baby is fading, collapsing before my eyes and I am helpless and mentally broken. The legislature’s decision-making is nothing short of a scandal. For the spread of corona diseases and hatcheries without established data and based on the whims and hysteria of Ministry of Health representatives. This is irresponsibility and irreversible damage to the industry. I am 30 years in the field, and in my darkest dreams, I could not believe “My years and lectures.”

According to sources in the field, many inquiries from industry representatives to the Minister of Culture and Sports, Hili Trooper, were answered with evasive answers, claiming that the fitness and sports industry is not one of the industries handled by the government ministry. In doing so, they claim, he is an orphan from a government ministry who will fight for his affairs.

The Ministry of Sports responded: The ministry is required to deal with the conditions of the Sports Law only. The Ministry of Culture and Sports works to facilitate and reduce procedures in opening gyms to athletes. “At the same time, the area of ​​economic responsibility for the budgets of gyms and compensation is not the responsibility of the ministry. We will continue to assist and stand by everyone who was injured during the Corona period, both in culture and sports. Minister Trooper considers it important to try to help any injured body.”


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