The GSS arrested the terrorist from the attack in which Eliraz Peretz was killed


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Illustration (Photo: Nati Shochat Flash 90)

The GSS was allowed to arrest Abdullah Dama, a terrorist operative from Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, about a month ago – against the background of the suspicion that he was involved in terrorist activities against IDF soldiers. During his interrogation, it emerged that Abdullah was involved in a terrorist attack on the border fence in 2010, in which Major Eliraz Peretz the 14th and Sgt. Ilan Sviatkowski the 14th were killed.

According to the GSS statement issued today (Sunday), the attack was planned by the organization “Shahada al-Aqsa” starting in September 2008, and was carried out by them in March 2010 – even though the Islamic Jihad took responsibility for carrying out the attack.

The investigation revealed that around July 2008, Abdullah, who was active in the Shada’a al-Aqsa, agreed with another activist, Adnan Abu Hani, to the organization’s proposal to carry out terrorist activities against Israel and to recruit additional activists for that purpose. The two activists also recruited Bassam Abu Degma to join the organization, for the purpose of carrying out the attack. Abdullah served as Bassam’s commander in the squad.

As part of the preparations for the attack, members of the cell located a suitable location for the attack near the perimeter fence, near Bassam’s land. The squad members also formulated an outline for laying explosives against IDF forces operating in the sector and recruited additional activists to their ranks.

Squad members underwent gun training to use weapons at the time of the attack, in which Abdullah did not take part, in light of a previous injury that prevented him from participating.

Family members of Eliraz Peretz HaYad (Photo: Gershom Allinson Flash 90)

The squad worked to carry out the attack, while Abdullah tried to obtain a suitable charge from the organization. After several failed attempts to obtain the explosive device and shortly before the time of the attack, Bassam obtained an explosive device and a weapon to carry out the attack from Islamic Jihad and carried it out together with other terrorist operatives, in an outline agreed with Abdullah and Adnan.

The investigation reveals that Abdullah persuaded Bassam to carry out a terrorist attack designed to kill IDF soldiers. It should be noted that Bassam was killed in August 2010 during an attempt to plant a bomb against IDF forces on the perimeter fence in the Gaza Strip.

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In addition to his involvement in the attack, the investigation revealed that Abdullah served as a commanding officer in the organization that Da’a al-Aqsa was involved in terrorist activities against IDF forces and in fact served as an operative in the organization until his arrest. In Be’er Sheva – Attributing to Abdullah Da’ama offenses involving solicitation of IDF soldiers, management in a terrorist organization and membership in a terrorist organization.

The GSS stated that “the General Security Service will continue to work tirelessly to maintain the security of Israeli citizens against terrorist threats and to bring to justice those involved in terrorist activities, even after many years from the date of the attack.”

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