The GRG decided: the establishment of the ‘foreign meetings’ in the outline proposed by the GRJ Feinstein


Exposure in ‘Haredi Rooms’: The issue of the boys who were expelled from the frameworks because of the corona for all the reasons that must be resolved in the form of the establishment of foreign meetings in synagogues around the country, where the boys will study and to whom educators will be attached | The outline was proposed by Gr.G. Feinstein to Gr.G. Edelstein and received his blessing for the move

In recent days, the head of the yeshiva, Gr.

The ‘outline of yeshivot’ in question is the establishment of study frameworks in neighborhoods in synagogues or halls, which will be rented for this purpose by the Yeshivot Association in the Holy Land and is intended for those students who are prevented from returning to yeshivot for various reasons.

In the outline initiated by Garach Feinstein and his details were obtained by Behadrei Haredim, it is a matter of establishing frameworks that will be coordinated with each Rosh Yeshiva according to his requirements. Members of other yeshivas will at the same time be assigned to the framework educators and scholars who will serve as rabbis and respondents in the frameworks, at the same time the heads of the yeshivas will oblige the students to be placed in the frameworks and branches that will be established.

Behadrei Haredim learned that in recent days, Garach Feinstein arrived at the residence of the Rosh Yeshiva Hagarig and after presenting all the details of the outline to the Rosh Yeshiva for a long time, the Rosh Yeshiva decided to accept the outline and operate it for the upcoming Elul time.

It should be noted that this move is a continuation of last month’s in the rooms’ about the secret meeting of yeshiva heads and community activists convened by Garach Feinstein at his home, to discuss and solve the problem of those guys who dropped out during summer time for many reasons. Be in capsules.


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