The Galaxy Note S20 Ultra will arrive in Israel without the support of the 5th generation


Samsung’s flagship device, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, has only been announced at a price of NIS 4,500, and it is already clear that the version that will be launched in Israel will not offer all the capabilities of its premium version. According to a Calcalist test, the Note 20 Ultra device, the older version of the device will initially be launched in Israel only with a 4th generation modem, even though there is a parallel version with support for 5th generation that will be offered to consumers in Europe and some Middle Eastern countries.

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But the differences between the two versions do not only amount to support for generation 5. The volume of operation of the two models of the device is also not similar. While the Israeli 4th generation version of the device will offer 8 GB of operating memory, in the 5G model users will receive 12 GB of operating memory. This is when it comes to the same processor on both devices – Samsung’s Axinus 990 itself. It is also worth noting that the American version of the Snapdragon processor offers slightly better performance than Samsung’s processor, but this is a less significant difference because there are other reasons that led the manufacturer to market Axinos versions in Europe and the Middle East that are also related to Qualcomm’s intellectual property use agreements.

Galaxy S20 Note Photo: Samsung

These differences appear in the older version of the Note 20, and not in the basic version. Although it is a slightly lower price than the American version if you take into account the differences in exchange rates and VAT, it is still a premium product that the difference in price that is not significant does not matter to those who are considering purchasing it. Recall that the iPhone 11 Pro Max is currently sold with a hardware specification equivalent to the Note 20 Ultra for about NIS 5,550 and does not include a stylus. However, it can be estimated that the target public of such premium products would agree to add a few hundred shekels more as long as they can get the most equipped version possible.

Galaxy Note S20 Galaxy Note S20 Photo: Samsung

The Note 20 Ultra and the Note 20 are currently at the forefront of Samsung in the Israeli market. The devices serve as a showcase for the capabilities of the Korean manufacturer so the models offered here may do bear service for the brand. Samsung Israel stated that “We are launching the Note 20 generation 4 in Israel and maintaining an attractive price for the Israeli consumer. When the 5G network is practically launched in Israel, we will work to launch supporting models, including the Note 20 Ultra 5G. The launch date is not yet known.”


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