The Gabay of the Hassidic Beit Midrash collapsed on Saturday at his home in the capital and died at the age of 70


The late Rabbi Eliezer Kaufman, the Gabay of the Sanz Chekwa Beit Midrash on Yonah Street in Jerusalem, suddenly collapsed and died • About 6 years ago he lost his son who fell on a ladder

Blessed be the truth: On Saturday, the late Rabbi Eliezer Kaufman, the Gabay of the Sanz Chekwa Beit Midrash on Yona Street in Jerusalem, died in the Gush 80 neighborhood of Jerusalem.

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In recent years it has occurred. On Saturday he suddenly collapsed and died at his home.

The late deceased was born in Jerusalem in 1957 to his father, Rabbi Avraham Kaufman.

About 6 years ago, the late Rabbi Alter Moshe Yaakov Kaufman, one of the followers of Dushinsky in Beit Shemesh, lost his son, after he fell from a ladder.

The worshipers of the Beit Midrash tell of a man of kindness “who all his life was engaged in devotion for others. He was very devoted to the synagogue. ”

He is the third brother to die in less than a year and a half: his brother, the late Rabbi Yehoshua Simcha Kaufman, who was the driver of the elder of the Rosh Yeshivot Gramad Soloveitchik, died at the beginning of the month of Nisan 5769; Another brother, the late Rabbi Aharon Zvi Gershon Kaufman, who was a tour guide, passed away last Tevet.

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