The future is through augmented reality odd jobs


I had to do a lot of work this week while I never learned that. In the future, this should no longer be a problem through augmented reality.

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Via augmented reality jobs

I never learned to do odd jobs. My father didn’t teach me, but I didn’t show any interest in it either. I would rather work on the computer than on a hammer. My father’s tools were also something I had to stay away from.

So far I have had no problems with that. I have always rented houses, so if something was broken the owner had to fix it. I also had no need to adjust the houses. For example, I used the hooks and screws that the previous residents had attached.

Now I have my first owner-occupied home and this is my chance to completely own the house. Then some things have to happen. But how do you do that if you can only just use a screwdriver and you get completely overwhelmed every time in the hardware store?


Fortunately, I don’t have to do it alone. Besides a house, I also found love in times of corona. Let him be super handy and want to teach me all that. After a few weeks, I now work walls, paint, lubricate and drill like a real handyman. I even have a suitcase full of tools now. Now I really feel like a grown-up.

If I had to do it alone, I would undoubtedly have looked up a lot on YouTube. I think that is one of the coolest things that YouTube offers: if you don’t understand something, you can find a tutorial about it. That is a blessing for those who want to do odd jobs, but like me, they never got that knowledge.

Things can be done much better in the future. I am eager until augmented reality is used to make jobs possible for everyone. AR adds digital elements to the real world. The most famous example is Pokémon GO, where the digital monsters are placed on the real world via the camera and the screen of your smartphone.

Augmented reality

But that is a game via your smartphone. The future is augmented reality glasses. I find the best practical interpretation of such glasses. As an example, I have to cap a radiator in my house. That can be quite difficult. In the future you will probably be able to start a program about shutting off radiators, after which you will see the instructions through the glasses, with arrows exactly where to turn and a warning if you have not yet unplugged the boiler. have drawn.

Think of the handy instructions from an IKEA booklet for every job in the house, but without having to look at a booklet every time. I would also not be surprised if IKEA is one of the first companies to respond to this. IKEA was also early on with the possibility to place furniture in your room via AR.

With the AR glasses of the future, everyone can do odd jobs, without knowledge and without the help of partners or family, and without the risk of things going wrong. Repair your computer or your car without ever opening the lid before. Provided you can afford such glasses, of course. It will take a while before you can rent a KARwei or a GAMMAR in addition to a sander in the hardware store.

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