The fish snake in a new protest song. Watch


Knitted News03.08.20 13:04 13 Bab Tashp

(Photo: From YouTube)

Against the background of the demonstrations in Balfour, the Snake Fish Band is releasing today (Monday) a new protest song that has been written and composed these days, along with a clip from the protests.

“The corona brought with it uncertainty and confusion that is evident in all the moves of our lives, but from our point of view it also brought a flurry of hope,” members of The Snake Fish say of the song “The government’s failed treatment of the many challenges the virus created, flooded, exposed, With an intensity we have not known for many years – if at all. “

(Lyrics and melody: The Snake Fish and Johnny Goldstein | Musical production: Johnny Goldstein)

The band members continued to strengthen the protesters: “From every bridge in the country to Balfour Street in Jerusalem, the protesters remind those who are supposed to hear that ‘It’s time to wake up!’. We are proud of these wonderful Israelis who work every night to preserve our democracy and are happy that our songs help them find the words “.

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