The fight in the port of Jaffa: One of the suspects in the attack was arrested


Police announced this morning (Tuesday) that they have arrested for questioning a 19-year-old minor, a resident of Lod, on suspicion of assaulting two young men in a brawl in the Jaffa port. Last Saturday evening, the police received a report of a fight in the Jaffa port between several people involved. The police arrived at the scene and opened an investigation during which they obtained footage of the brawl, which was even distributed throughout the network. The police continued an intensive investigation while collecting evidence and gathering evidence. Last night as the investigation progressed the police deciphered the identity of one of the attackers in the incident, the police detective units located the suspect in the assault of the two young men and arrested him. The suspect was arrested for questioning at the Jaffa police station. Police charged him with aggravated assault and racist offenses, at the end of which he was jailed. This morning, the police will ask to extend his detention in the Tel Aviv Juvenile Court. The police investigation continues.


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