The FBI raided YouTuber Jake Paul’s estate – and confiscated weapons


FBI agents and special forces raided the estate of famous YouTuber Jake Paul yesterday (Wednesday), collecting a number of weapons. This is not the first time he has gotten into trouble: last month he hosted a huge party without masks and without observing the rules of social distance, and in early June he was accused of looting a mall in Arizona


FBI agents and force SWAT (Equivalent to the Israeli court) Simply on the estate of the famous YouTuber Jake Paul in California and collected a number of weapons. The raid took place on Wednesday morning following an ongoing investigation into the affair involving the network star.

The city of Claves has confirmed on its Facebook page that security forces are raiding Paul’s home, and that theFBI Concentrated in the parking lot of the City Hall. Subsequently, videos from helicopters of the local TV channels showed the security forces collecting a number of weapons in the grounds of the estate, which also includes a Jacuzzi and a boxing ring.

The 23-year-old Jake Paul has more than 20 million followers on his YouTube channel, which includes pranks, personal stories and music videos. In recent years, Paul’s neighbors have turned to the local media and complained about the tension he is waging in his area, but last month all the summers were over, when Paul hosted a party at his mansion at the height of the corona spread. Documentation from the event, which lasted an entire day, shows dozens of people not wearing masks or following the rules of social distance.

The participants in the party posted the videos on Instagram, but the neighbors did not go over it in silence. “It’s a crazy disregard for everyone’s efforts to get back to routine,” said Calabas mayor Alicia Weintraub. “It’s a party like there’s no Corona, and like business has not closed.” Paul was quoted as saying in a conversation he had with Weintraub “and everything is sound”, although he noted that “he is not a man who will not live his life”.

This is not the first time Paul has gotten into trouble. In June, an indictment was filed against him in Arizona for trespassing and illegal gathering, after he was identified in a video of looting in a mall as part of one of the Black Lives Mater demonstrations. Paul referred to the incident in a video he uploaded to his YouTube channel, in which he explained that he was only “looking for people who were happy about the death of George Floyd, and did not take part in the destruction of the place.”


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