The favorite Manchester City to win the Champions League


Two days before the return of the Champions League and it is a very good time to check what the betting agencies are thinking ahead of the renewal of the games and the new format. Therefore, we checked for you who is the favorite to win, who is the favorite to finish as the top scorer and more.

The favorite to win the title, at least according to most betting agencies is Manchester City. Whoever bets on the English runner-up will get 3 times his money if she wins and in some places even a little more than that. Immediately after City is Bayern Munich with a ratio of about 3 times, maybe a little more in some places. In third place in terms of favorites is Paris Saint-Germain which will give you a ratio of about 5 on a win, while Atletico Madrid will give you 8 times.

Barcelona, ​​who still have to beat Napoli in a rematch after 1: 1 in Italy, are only fifth with a ratio ranging from 10-8 and next to them is Atlanta with a ratio of only 9. Winning by R.B. Leipzig will give you 14 times while a Juventus win is equal between 18-14. The betting agencies do not really count Real Madrid and its win will be equal between 25-20 with only Napoli (between 75-66), Lyon (100-80) and of course Chelsea, who were defeated 3-0 at home by Bayern Munich (250-200 ).

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