The family was healed: the daughter of the apostle who died from Corona became engaged


The daughter of the late Shliach Rabbi Bnei Wolf of Hanover, Germany, who died at the beginning of the first wave of the Corona, became engaged at a good and successful time. His wife: “From now on we will know only good,

The eldest daughter of the late Chabad emissary in Hanover, Germany, the late Rabbi Benjamin Wolf – when he was only 43 years old. Engaged in a good and successful time.

Chaya Moshka Wolf, the daughter of the late Shlichim in Hanover, Rabbi Binyamin Wolf, who died several months ago, became engaged to Levi Yitzchak Gottlieb of Nikolaev, the son of the Shluchim Rabbi Shalom and Dina Gottlieb.

The late Rabbi Bnei Wolf, is the son of Rabbi Manny and Feigel Wolf of Kiryat Malachi, and the son-in-law of the famous emissary Rabbi Moshe Greenberg and his wife Deborah Shethi of Bnei Brak.

Rabbi Wolf was a huge success in the city of his mission and over the years he achieved a real revolution in Jewish life in his city. He is survived by 8 orphans, parents and siblings. Together with his wife Cherni Shathi and his eight children who will live, the deceased engaged in a holy mission in the city of Hanover for many years and worked hard to strengthen Judaism and the Jews there served as rabbi of the Chabad community and was a Torah and teaching man for the community and Jews there. The law of the place and at every conference and meeting influenced from the light of his face and wisdom the unity and action.

The wife of the late Benjamin wrote on Friday, “You were with us during the days of stress and worry, during the three weeks we prayed and wished together for the health of the husband of” Benjamin Ben Feigel. ” “You have been with us since the calamity that befell us on Rosh Chodesh Iyar, I am your doctor, at the death of my husband, you have been with us in the great mobilization of the Chardi, and you are with us in our hearts all the time.

“With the end of” Telta Daforanita “we begin with” Sheba Danhamta “- our daughter Chai Moshka, Musi Shethi, came today in the matchmaking relationship with T. Levi Yitzchak Gottlieb, the son of the emissaries in Nikolaev. To the consolation of Zion and Jerusalem, and wake up and rejoice in the dust dwellers, and from this joy we will have the joy of the coming redemption! Cherny Wolf Hanover, Germany.


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