The family stuck without water on Mount Meron • Watch


a a A The ultra-Orthodox family of 11 people, who went for a walk on Mount Meron this morning (Sunday), but got stuck without water and lost her way, a shirt – with varying degrees of exhaustion and dehydration.

As reported in Kikar Hashabat, Israeli police volunteers from the Galil Carmel rescue unit were called to the scene, and at the same time, the missing unit of the rescue unit conducted an interrogation and investigation of the family members to check their condition and find out where they were staying.

During the interrogation, the location of the family members was obtained, and a team of rescuers, consisting of paramedics and missing persons, made their way to the mountain to rescue the family.

When they reached the family members, the rescuers brought them water, and assisted in their rescue – back to safety.

“The family was located in a state of severe water shortage, and varying degrees of exhaustion and dehydration,” it was reported. “Paramedics from the rescue unit gave them first aid, and they were evacuated by ambulance for further tests.”

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  • The Kikar Hashabbat website begs you: Go for a walk – according to the instructions and instructions! Check the route of the route in advance, be equipped with a sufficient amount of water, in appropriate clothing and everything that is required, so that you can leave safely.


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