The education was held: class splits and partial study


a a A The Independent Education Administration, the largest education network in the ultra-Orthodox sector, this evening (Thursday) sent the supervisors the initial outline according to what will be formulated and conducted in the coming year, which will begin in Elul, in accordance with the corona guidelines.

The details that reached Kikar Hashabat show that the classes in many classes will only take place on some days of the week, in parallel with the splitting of classes in many other classes.

“The 2011 school year will be characterized as a ‘corona’ year, a fact that requires us to be specially prepared,” the special letter from the CEO, Rabbi Eliezer Sorotskin, opens. “Above all, we will mention the position and guidelines of the great men of Israel, which require strict observance of the mind and body of the students and teaching staff.”

“Do not accept any disregard for this duty, which may be reflected in Rachel’s infection and spread of the virus,” emphasizes the management of the independent education network.

As for the learning outline itself: “In recent days, the Ministry of Education has published an outline, which has been formulated with the various government ministries, ahead of the school year. This outline will serve as a basis for the independent education curriculum for schooling.”

“Management discussions have not yet ended, which will decide on the unique adaptations of the outline to the needs of independent education and its principles, in preparation for receiving the blessing of the great men of Israel for the learning outline, and when final decisions are made, we will publish them.”

However, as stated, “principals of schools are already being called upon to prepare for the management of learning in an outline appropriate to their school (teaching staff, classroom and student numbers, learning spaces, etc.), and from time to time additional information will be published to assist in this preparation.”

And these are the principles of the outline:

• Grades A and B – normal learning in the classrooms, 5 days a week, 25 hours in the class (4 hours per week will be left for the use of teaching hours for the 5th to Eighth grades – which will be split).

• Third and fourth grades – normal learning in classes, 5 days a week, 25 hours in class. But the classrooms will be split into capsules of 18-20 students (6 hours per week will be left to use teaching hours for grades 5 to 8).

5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades – regular learning in grades, at least two days a week. Efforts will be made to hold more than two school days with the help of annex rooms and adjoining buildings, or by studying in shifts (in the afternoon) as part of the staff’s required teaching hours and in coordination with them (completion hours, as mentioned, will be from teaching hours in the younger classes).

In addition, there will be learning in ‘vocal spaces’ in these classrooms, on days when students are absent from school and students who need isolation. Since the goal is for the teaching hours to be fully utilized for frontal learning, learning in the spaces will be carried out in part by special lessons in some of the subjects that will be received from the pedagogical secretariat database, and the students will be tested on them.

Ways of carrying out the outline:

• The schools will be open and will operate six days a week, in order to allow all age groups to attend school as much as possible.
All teaching staff must fill their working hours with frontal teaching, depending on the scope of their service, including professional teachers who will function in all professions, as required.

• The principals who edit the hours for the school year must navigate the workforce according to the familiarity with the staff, so that the excess hours (including office hours that can be waived this year) are fully utilized for teaching, and provide as much learning as possible, even in the upper grades.

• The principals will formulate a system that will, if possible, also include afternoon learning, in order to enable learning in the divided classes (capsules).

• Principals will locate additional learning spaces, in coordination with the authorities, such as public buildings, synagogues and the like.

• Talmud HaTorah will integrate the TLN hours (additional curriculum) as part of the hours system, in order to allow maximum learning.

Additional staff and teaching hours:

• For the purpose of splitting the classes in the third and fourth grades, an additional 25 hours per week will be allocated (12.5 of them in a temporary standard for the corona period, as well as 12.5 through teaching assistants. Details will be provided later).

• Attention of the principals that the excess hours of teaching staff in the first and second grades (4 hours per week – 25 instead of 29) and in the third and fourth grades (6 such – 25 instead of 31) will be used to reinforce the teaching in capsules of the third and fourth grades and fifth grades. To h.

• Additional overtime will be found when we learn to use nationwide tapes recorded and / or by school teaching staff, who will record lessons for several classes simultaneously or for an entire tier.

• A lesson recording time is considered a single teaching hour, whether the lesson was recorded for one class or used for several classes.
The placement of teaching staff in a temporary standard and / or as teaching assistants will be done with the prior coordination and approval of the supervisor. Retrospective placements will not be approved.

Small schools and small classes:

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• Small classes of up to 18/20 students, will hold full-time studies for all grades for a full school week.

• Any exceptional request in relation to the student numbers should be addressed to the Independent Education Administration.

Regarding adherence to the rules of hygiene: “Schools will adhere to the rules of hygiene, which will include improved personal protection for teaching staff, sitting at separate tables as much as possible (according to guidelines and age groups), keeping distance during breaks and lessons, wearing a mask at appropriate ages and strict disinfection. A procedure on this issue was distributed to schools today) “.

It was also written to the directors of the educational institutions: “We must begin to formulate a suitable plan for the principles of the outline already these days, in cooperation with the supervision, so that the opening of the school year as a series will be possible in the Dashmia faction, without incident.”

“We wish the supervision, guidance, management and teaching teams that the complex school year has left its mark, that these days will be used for rest and accumulation of strength for next year’s challenges, and above all – we all pray that thanks to the bliss of the whole campaign, In the recovery of the sick, and the healthy – that they will not start, “concludes the letter of instructions of independent education.


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